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"Diversity and Convergence: Educating with Integrity"

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. The FALL 2007 Newsletter is now available for download in PDF format, or Word Doc.

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Editor's Comment by Joanna Hosoya

Reports from the Gender and Beyond Conference, Oct. 6-7:

    Janet Holmes' Plenary Lecture Summary by Andrea Simon-Maeda
    Women in the Workplace: An Advertiser's Perspective By Bonnie Carpenter
    Closing Panel: Good ideas to take home and ponder By Kathy Riley
    A Report on Being a Gender Advisor the MUN at Kyoto University By Yoko Chase
Upcoming Conference Information
    JALT: GALE presenters schedule
    Breakfast with Dr. Arifa Rahman
    INGALA Conference, New Zealand, 3-5 July


    CRAYON OUTSIDE THE LINES By Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

    Self, Language, Heart---the Textures of Identity: A Personal Essay By Ayano Fukui

    "Women's Status, Men's States": Feminist lawmaker Catharine MacKinnon on the new international human rights law paradigm By Tina Ottman


Course Resource! Gender Issues Today.

In 2005 GALE members and others collaborated to jointly write an intermediate English level textbook that would provide an introduction to gender issues to non-native speakers. The title of this book, which emphasizes active learning and critical thinking, is Gender Issues Today. For further information about the book and how to order, see GALE’s Events and Notices page.


Why join a JALT SIG on Gender Awareness in Language Education (GALE)?

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We feel there is tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and interest right now among JALT members regarding various aspects of gender issues in language education and research. We also feel that a GALE SIG helps to introduce and pull many new members into JALT. Much cutting-edge research involves looking at gender as a factor in linguistic interaction, in teaching, in research, and in teacher training. We are pleased to support the efforts of JALT members in furthering such research and its applications to the foreign language classroom.

JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching)

JALT Central Office
Urban Edge Bldg. 5F, 1-37-9 Taito,
Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016
Tel: 81-3-3837-1630, Fax: 81-3-3837-1631
E-mail: jalt@gol.com

JALT Website

JALT Annual Membership Dues: 10,000 yen

Outside of Japan: Non-JALT Members:
Subscription Membership
Pay 2000 yen or USA $20.00. Receive three yearly
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What is the purpose of the GALE SIG?

The Mission Statement of the Gender Awareness in Language Education National Special Interest Group (GALE SIG) in the Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) has the four following points:

  • to research gender and its implications for language learning, teaching, and training, such as differences in discourse styles, preferred teaching and learning styles, interests, needs, motivation, aptitude, achievement, classroom interactions, same- sex versus coeducational classrooms and same-sex vs. opposite- sex teaching, and social identity.

  • to improve pedagogical practices, develop language teaching materials, and provide a clearinghouse for materials inclusive of gender and gender-related topics in FL subject areas such as communication, history, literature, linguistics, science, sociology, cultural studies, etc.

  • to raise awareness of workplace and human rights issues related to gender for language professionals, such as discrimination, harassment, and violence based on gender and sexual orientation, and discrimination on the basis of marital or parental status, and to provide information for countering such discrimination.

  • to increase networking opportunities among language professionals interested in teaching, researching, and/or discussing issues related to gender and language education, such as biological sex, gender identity, gendered language, sexual orientation, gender behavior, gender roles, and gender socialization.

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2007-2008 GALE JALT SIG Officers and Volunteers:


Salem Hicks, salemhicks2@yahoo.com

Program Chair:

Folake Abass, fabass@vega.aichi-u.ac.jp

Mari Utsu, utsu@yone.ac.jp

Membership Chair:

Steve Silver, sgsilver@spamcop.net

Publicity Coordinator:
Salem Hicks, salemhicks2@yahoo.com

Online Support/Website manager

Paul Arenson, paul@tokyoprogressive.org

Newsletter Editor:
Joanna Hosoya, joanna@rb4.so-net.ne.jp

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Contact the Membership Chair:
Steve Silver, sgsilver@spamcop.net

OR fill out the membership form and send it along with 10,000 to join/renew JALT and/or 1500 yen to join GALE SIG.

JALT Central Office
Urban Edge Bldg. 5F, 1-37-9 Taito,
Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0016
Tel: 81-3-3837-1630, Fax: 81-3-3837-1631
E-mail: jalt@gol.com

Outside of Japan and non-JALT Members:
Subscription Membership
Pay 2000 yen or USA $20.00. Receive three yearly
newsletters and E-mail Bulletins.

(Contact the membership chair to arrange this)

I want to join the GALE SIG in JALT.

Date: _____/_____/_____
___ Here is 10,000 to join/renew JALT.
___ Here is 1500 yen to join/renew GALE.
___ Here is 2000 yen or USA $20.00 (Subscription Membership for GALE).

My JALT Number is ___________. (if known)
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Fax: _____________________________
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Interests in GALE SIG (check all that apply):

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